About us

As the name of the site suggests, we gathered a team of the most avid slot lovers because, yeah, we just can’t get enough of those slots! Yet, we decided to make our knowledge useful for other people. So, tons of gambling experience and the right direction to the choicest slots are waiting for you here. Whether you are a newbie or an old slot pirate, we’ll show you some worthy exciting games. 

If the casino has been around for a while, we, just like a slots police, keep secretly monitoring its performance to supply our readers with only the hottest news and updates. 

What Do We Do?

We aim to provide you with a wide range of choices in regards to casinos. We’ve been there too, and we perfectly understand that finding a reliable gambling venue is not the easiest thing to do. That’s why our purpose is to deliver qualitative reviews, listings, and other useful content to make your choice easier. 

Our audience spreads across the world, and we are not tied to a single location. So no matter where you live, you can find honest reviews here about the most high-standard casinos available in your region. 

How Do We Make a Review?

Every casino that we review is subject to thorough testing in regards to multiple fields of interest. We evaluate key areas, such as the quality of support service, games variety, and areas where the casino stands out in terms of competition, performance, usability, etc. After the testing is complete, we structure all the available information so that it is convenient and effective for the player. 

Moreover, our reviews are comparative, which means that you can compare the facts that matter to you the most and then make an informed decision. Plus, you can be sure that the information about bonuses is constantly updated, so anything you see on our site is currently working at a casino as well.  

Last but not least, if any piece of information is missing, we’d better tell you this honestly than lead you in the wrong direction. 

What Do We Believe In?

Every piece of review, ranking, or casino walkthrough corresponds to the values that we strongly believe in.  

  • Ethics. We run a 100% independent resource for publishing accurate information. We are not and will never be influenced by third parties.
  • Sincerity. We carefully assess every feature of the casino that’s important to the player. If anything’s wrong, we are honest about it. 
  • Elegance. We make difficult things look simple and deliver the knowledge that’s an asset for our readers.
  • Targeting. As a rule, casinos have their own special features depending on their jurisdiction. We highlight points that are interesting specifically for eligible users.
  • Expertise and relentless improvement. Every member of our team has gone a long way in the gambling industry. And to stay on top, we continuously keep improving our competence.

Our Team

Daniel R. Wrigley


Daniel R. Wrigley has started his way to success as a low-level manager. He managed to climb the career ladder rather quickly and achieved excellent results in the gambling sphere. Possessing outstanding knowledge both in marketing and finance, he came up with an idea to create a comprehensive service that can be useful both for newbies and pros. Now, Daniel is successfully implementing his ideas in what we know as Slots Lovers, delivering the most valuable information about the gambling niche.

Kimberly Newsome

Chief Editor

For now, Kimberly Newsome has been holding a managerial position for more than 15 years. She has been in charge of supervising the daily tasks of publishing media, including newspapers, magazines, and other forms of written pieces. At Slots Lovers, she leads the team comprised of junior and senior writers and editors, and other professionals in charge of creating original content. Being a true word-painter, she does her best to ensure the highest quality of articles posted on the Slots Lovers website.

Emily Davis

Casino Expert

Ever since she was a child, Emily has always dreamed of becoming a croupier, and finally, her dreams came true. She obtained the first job at a land-based casino at the age of 21 and never changed the direction. Now she can be easily called a true professional in the world of gambling who knows how it works from the inside. With her helpful hints, we can be sure that we provide readers with reliable information.

Kayla Williams


Kayla Williams is a highly-qualified professional specialized in journalism. With her responsible attitude and a true passion for content writing, we have achieved the necessary level of proficiency needed. Kayla Williams can boast of extraordinary skills both in writing and translation, which helps us deliver the latest news from international markets.

Rudy Goff


Being a professional writer with 5 years of experience, Rudy is a competent and skillful pro. Rudy is an engaged type of specialist who is able to cover a variety of topics, be it a review, news article or think piece. Having spent plenty of time studying the niche, now Rudy can give an expert opinion nearly on any related topic which turns him into an integral part of our team.